Due to unseasonably good weather, we are going to have this race OUTSIDE at glenwood community church in Vancouver, WA.  Please note the change.  It's going to be awesome!

Spectators, come on out and watch or fly these high-performance racing drones around a fast but challenging course.  See below for venue amenities and details. 

Please register early and often, it makes our lives WAY easier.   Registration will close 8pm Friday night 3/15.  

Note: Free checkout has been disabled due to some weird quirks.  NWFPV full members will be charged $0.10 (ten cents) 'convenience fee' while we resolve the issue.  We apologies for the inconvenience created by the convenience fee.

This race will have a Team race after the A-mains are complete.  If you want to participate, please have a quad with a Vtx Disabling switch such as RealPit or VTXassassin.  Pitmode will not be enough.



Saturday, March 16th @ 10am to 4pm



Glenwood Community Church

12201 NE 72nd Ave, Vancouver, WA 98686

Pilots, here's your info:

* Simply purchase this item and you will be entered into the race by a Northwest FPV Organizer.  You will then receive an email with the MultiGP event link and all of the information you'll need (if this product description isn't enough).  

** If you are a NWFPV paying member, the item will be discounted appropriately when added to your shopping cart. If you're a full member, select "Free Checkout" upon checkout.

* Spectators are free - bring your friends, family, and kids

Pilot Restrictions:

* All participating pilots are required to hold a current AMA registration. (Full membership only)

All competing aircraft must meet the following requirements:

* Video Transmitter output power of 25 mW
* Must be allowed inspection (briefly) before flight by an event organizer
* LED's visible to other pilots in flight are required
* RHCP and LHCP antenna options (equip as assigned) - Seriously though, these are required.  Please make the investment ahead of time.  Accommodations can be made, but should not be expected.

* Please come prepared to change VtX Frequency and Antenna polarity if necessary to participate in the Ladder Mains portion of the race.

 Before the race:
* Set your frequency and antenna polarity according to the Email Confirmation you received from NWFPV. (You may be asked to change either to compete in the ladder mains portion of the race)
* Charge your batteries and double check all of your connections. 
* Double and triple check that your video works on the exact frequency you've been assigned and that your video is clear and works at a decent range.
* Dress warm/wear layers. 
* Pack snacks/drinks. All of the "ripping" of proverbial "balls" may get tiring. You'll need to recharge.
* Optional: Lower your rates.  If you've made it this far through the list, you are probably new, and your rates are probably too high.

Race format:

* Race format can change at the last minute, but for the most part we try to stick to this simple format:

** Pilots fly 2+ heats of practice

** Pilots fly in 5-6 heats of "Qualifiers".

** Pilots are ranked based on the best 5 combined results out of the 6 heats (lowest score is dropped).

** Qualifiers are used to see Ladder Mains.  Best 2 of each ladder main advance to the next heat. Final A-main is a best 2 of 3 races to determine final standings.

Team Racing:

Here's how it will work:

** 3 people per team. Don't worry if you don't come with a team. We can group people together on site.

** 8 minute relay

** Most laps wins, with total time as the tie breaker.

** There will be nobody on the course to flip/retrieve crashed quads during the race.

** RealPit or similar is required to turn VTx power on and off from the radio.

** Everybody's quad will start on the start pad. First pilots fly until their battery is done or they crash, then they turn off their vtx. Second pilot turns on the vtx and flies, then the 3rd pilot.

Event amenities:

* Porta Potties will be Onsite. They are relatively clean, but we can NOT use the bathrooms at the church for this event.

* We will not have power available to the public. Please bring a field charger (or ask a team member, we probably have one to share)

See You There!!

* 10:15 AM - Course setup and pilot readiness
* 10:30 AM - Aircraft/Safety Inspection/New Pilot Orientation
* 10:45 AM - Quick Pilot Meeting and Course Walkthrough
* 11:00 AM - Practice Starts (Please be ready to fly at this time)
* 12:00 PM - Quick break, sponsor announcement, raffle (if applicable)
* 12:15 PM - <Racing Resumes>
* Spectators - Come whenever! Flying starts at 11:00 AM so feel free to filter in and out as you please.

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NWFPV March 16 OUTDOORS AT GLENWOOD! 2019! Individual and Team Racing

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